Care + Community Changing the Trajectory of Lives

Our proven program for mothers navigating substance use is now called StrongWell™.

Care + Community Changing the Trajectory of Lives

Our proven program for mothers navigating substance use is now called StrongWell™.

This is the 180 Way™: Care + Community.

Our new and proven collaborative model of care achieves better outcomes and higher levels of engagement than traditional, non-hybrid models. By combining personalized, interdisciplinary treatment with a relationship-based support ecosystem, we’ve built a new way to care.

We're helping pregnant moms deliver and nurture healthy babies.

We’re attacking a growing healthcare problem in a new way with our StrongWell™ program for pregnant mothers wrestling with substance use. By connecting existing solutions in new ways with our proven methodology, women’s lives are being changed. Healthy babies are being born, all while the program aligns with payer and provider goals, and gives MCOs another option in the fight against opioid use.

We are 180 Health Partners.

We provide hope, compassion and support, positively impacting lives and society. We are a hybrid provider, thriving at the intersection of behavioral, medical and social care.

Here's how we change lives


Find and engage individuals through trusting relationships.


Immediately fill the gaps in care by meeting people where they are.


Build the stability needed to participate in conventional healthcare solutions.


Provide access to conventional healthcare and community solutions.


Stabilize social determinants of health with skilled Care Teams.


Facilitate healthier outcomes, lovingly helping individuals reach goals.

How the 180 Way provides better
care and better value:

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Direct Collaboration With Payers

Together, we create a risk-free model of care that finds and engages members, increases access, reduces cost and improves the member experience.

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Comprehensive Care for Patients

Our Care Teams immediately fill gaps in care, providing support and resources that help avoid short-term costs and reduce long-term impacts.

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Quality Care Between Office Visits

We directly provide personal and professional behavioral healthcare between provider office visits, meaning patients get better care.

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State & Government Program Fulfillment

Our plans align with a variety of initiatives address substance use, behavioral health and the desire for all state citizens to be productive employees.

"Patients get the care they need …"

“Fellow physicians, 180 Health Partners is going to make your job easier. You’re not going to have to worry about whether your patients are getting the care they need, the counseling, care plan re-enforcement, between office visit check-ins and insights, support in reducing stress and stabilizing the home, and more, because 180 is a one-stop shop, with a team model of caring for the patient.”

- Dr. Sherman, 180 Health Partners Physician