Care + Community saves money while providing better outcomes.

Care + Community saves money while providing better outcomes.

Building healthier
members and communities.

We’re working with health plans to bring the 180 Way™ to communities across the country. Together, we can change the trajectory of lives through our hybrid treatment approach, which is proving effective for hard to reach, hard to treat patients. We offer a no-risk payment plan, where you pay only if your members reach their outcome goals. We also offer a unique combination of traditional medical care and behavioral health assistance that builds new paths to healthier outcomes.

We help health plans:

  • Avoid cost while achieving better outcomes
  • Treat hard to reach, hard to treat, high-risk patients
  • Reach great outcomes through no-risk payment plans
  • Find easier paths to patient-treatment engagement
  • Enhance members’ social determinants of health

We can help.
Our StrongWell program has proven effective.

53% Episode Cost Decrease

…is the average seen by partners using our Care + Community approach

23,000 Women Each Year

…are estimated to deliver babies while using or dependent on opioids

17 Days

…is the average hospital stay for NAS newborns, compared to 2 days for non-NAS babies

Majority of Newborns

…exposed to opioids before birth exhibit withdrawal symptoms associated with NAS

If you provide care for patients struggling with substance dependence, watch this.