Care + Community can help your patients win their fight.

Care + Community can help your patients win their fight.

No judgment. No stigma.
Just better outcomes.

Your clients and patients deserve more than great treatment. They deserve real help outside of the office. We partner with providers of all kinds (e.g., OB/GYNs, MFMs, MAT clinics and other addiction treatments) as an ally in the fight against a variety of behavioral health challenges. Our 180 Way™ has proven effective. See it in action at Then join us as we use Care + Community to change the trajectory of lives.

Here's what we provide:

  • Direct treatment between visits
  • Encouragement of patient-treatment engagement
  • A risk-free care option for providers
  • Unique treatments for hard-to-treat patients
  • Improvements in patients’ social determinants of health
  • Behavioral health support

We can help.
Our StrongWell program has proven effective.


…average episode cost decrease seen by partners using our approach


…of patients reported decrease in tobacco use


…of patients reported decrease in alcohol use


…of patients reported decrease in stress level/stigma