Darin Gordon

Mr. Darin Gordon is Member of Executive Board of Cressey & Company, LP. Mr. Gordon has 20 years of experience in public health care finance, policy and operations. He has served as an advisors to several health care related initiatives and task forces domestically and internationally Mr. Gordon has been a Member of Advisory Board of myNEXUS, Inc. since August 2016. Mr. Gordon has over 18 years’ experience in public health care finance and management, including being the longest-serving Director of TennCare. Under his leadership the TennCare program maintained the lowest cost trend in history. He served as the State of Tennessee Director of the Division of Health Care Finance, TennCare Director of Managed Care Programs, and TennCare Chief Financial Officer, all of which stand to make him an excellent addition to the myNEXUS team. He is Home Benefits Management Specialist. He served as Director of TennCare Select from July 2006 to July 1, 2016. He has maintained leadership positions with several state and national organizations including: was President of the National Association of Medicaid Directors (NAMD), Board member of Leadership Health Care, Chair of the AccessTN Board of Directors, 2011 Fellow of the Medicaid Leadership Institute, and is an inaugural member of the Nashville Health Care Council Fellows program. With his extensive experience in public managed care, and particularly given his career-long focus on improving quality while reducing costs.